Just what is the difference between a pram and a pushchair and where do strollers and buggies fit in?  Finally, what is a travel system?  Whether you’re an expecting parent, looking for a gift for your grandchild to be or just didn’t realize how much choice there is out there, we appreciate that at first glance, this whole area can be pretty confusing.  Actually, once you break it down, it’s not too hard.  Prams are what you need first for new borns and babies that basically need to either lie down or be carried.  They usually have a hood and your babe faces you as you push the pram.  Think of the classic style Balmoral pram from Silver Cross as an example.  A pushchair is what you need once your child can sit up and look around.  Your child sits in the chair and faces away from you.  Maclaren offer what is the quintessential pushchair although interestingly refer to them as buggies and strollers too.  Buggies and strollers are relatively new terms for pushchairs and have come over from America.  Basically they are the same thing.  We wish that’s where it stops but unfortunately this isn’t the case.  Nowadays there are hybrid options that can be used as a pram to start with but have the ability to convert into a pushchair and even have carry cot and car seat options as well.  These are sometimes called travel systems.  They can be great one stop options but tend to be more expensive.

We hope that’s of some use but feel free to email us any questions or ask for advice.

Happy shopping.