Don’t worry, it’s not real. Well, it is, but it’s only a prop from Skoda’s new Octavia vRS advert. Dubbed as the Man Pram, this buggy is the result of Skoda’s researchers asking a thousand British dads what it would take for them to stroll around town with a pram. Basically, they said, it would take a manly design, a hydraulic suspension system, massive alloy wheels, wing mirrors, high-spec brakes with brake lights, and headlights. So Skoda made it, and here it is.

In the advert, the buggy is set in a world of similarly oversized, overly-souped-up common suburban ware – a garden hose gets an extra powerful jet stream, a three-wheeled toy truck goes super-sized and a lawnmower gets Hot Wheels flames and a massive shiny engine. It’s all to suggest the new world of the Octavia vRS. As the fastest production model to date, Skoda wanted ‘an advert that would bring to life the idea of enhancing the performance of everyday objects. Unlike the standard Octavia, the vRS is supposed to be from a world ‘more powerful’.